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It’s a Lifestyle.

Our VISION is to create experiences and facilitate a lifestyle that empowers each client to make a spirited statement about their heritage, status, and aspirations. We seek to redefine the path someone takes in pursuit of sartorial splendor.

Our MISSION is to collaborate with clients to craft the unique, sophisticated style they convey to the world, and to do so in a way that results in an experience of uncommon connection and camaraderie.

A Legacy of Fashion


I had always been a connoisseur of the unique at a young age. Encouraged by my grandmother to follow my dreams (and embrace their risks), my road to entrepreneurship began shortly after graduating from the College of Engineering at Mississippi State University with Magna Cum Laude honors.

Being an executive in an arena where image is everything, I found myself purchasing custom clothing due to the limited options and inadequate customer service of upscale and premium department stores. When even the experience of using a tailor did not live up to its promise, I went a step beyond by designing clothes for myself. This was the birth of Hideoki Bespoke.

The year was 2007, and I began servicing a close group of friends using my home as a studio. My vision was to create a clothing business that, rather than focusing on the tailored garment alone, was deeply driven by the lifestyle of the client and the buying experience.

This unique approach, combined with the quality and unparalleled fit of Hideoki Bespoke garments, proved to fulfill an unmet need in the marketplace. After years of hard work, I am now grateful and proud to offer clients the complete Hideoki Bespoke experience at our private studio located in the heart of Atlanta’s famed Buckhead.

A customized Hideoki Bespoke garment conjures up many images and feelings—a privileged upbringing, the richness of life, and the camaraderie of the right friends. The experience of creating that garment pampers in a similar fashion.

We invite our clients to relax, enjoy a glass of fine wine or premium spirits and be an integral part of the Hideoki Bespoke innovative process. Together, we create a customized garment that fits like a second skin while reflecting the individuality of its owner.

I’m just a kid from Mississippi who found beauty in all things around me and decided to make some bad ass clothing.
Dedrick Thomas

Dedrick Thomas
Founder & CEO

Our Roots Run Deep

Our Roots Run Deep

Throughout history, Rhinos have been a symbol of strength and unrelenting focus. They always press forward, never backward. Like the Rhino, combined with the symbolism of the magnolia tree, we at Hideoki have a deeply rooted, single-minded focus on delivering the finest in unexpected elegance and opulent fashion. Through every stitch, every design, every collection, and every day, we press forward, never backward. And standing on the shoulders of our family's legacy, we stay humble, stay hungry, and never forget where we came from no matter where we go in life.

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